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Clicks Group

BellMe is a proud supplier of over 184 Clicks stores throughout South Africa.   Need a nurse at the clinic? Let her know you need her by simply pressing the call button at the Clinic. She will receive a notification on her wrist watch that you require assistance.

Clicks Store
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Akeso Group
BellMe has also supplied the Akeso Group. They have over 10 Branches Nationwide and we have now supplied 80% of them. Akeso is a behavioral healthcare group.   If Patients need urgent attention be it in the  toilet, shower or near their bedside they are a touch away from immediate assistance.

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Each room has a transmitting device, When the client has undressed and ready for the therapist they simple press the button / transmitter and the therapist is notified immediately. BellMe is wireless and therefore no wiring or installation is needed. Contact us today for a quote. “Hi, My name is Farzana and we have been using BellMe in Spa Royale for over a year now. Very efficient, very simple, easy to use, clients don’t have to wait anymore, we are notified immediately when they are ready for their treatment. It helps us utilize our time so much more productively. Get BellMe, it’s the thing for you!”




BellMe Replaced the old system where teller number lights up to alert Managers. BellMe is silent and efficient system that alerts the floor manager on their wrist watch immediately when a Teller needs assistance. If you would like this for your business give us a call.

“It’s a cool thing that we have this watch system. It’s much more advanced and much more easier whereby if someone rings, they don’t have to ring a bell, they just ring this. Thank you Bellme for helping us!”



BellMe is a completely wireless system & no installation is needed. Residents are now safer then ever with immediate assistance just a touch away.

How has the system helped you guys here at Serene park?

“ The system is very very very helpful because when it rings you can see the letters very well, they are big and clear and the sound is very very clear. Even if you are far, you can hear it and it rings until you come and stop it and then you can go to the resident and help them.”

Have you had any problems with the system?

“There are no problems at all because there is no way that you can miss it. There is no way you can miss it and we advised the resident to check the batteries now and then so that they must not sit with a panic button with a battery that is not working.” So BellMe really helped you guys here at Serene park? “It helps us a lot, it helps us a lot. We advise them to wear it around their neck so that anywhere they fall, in the bathroom or anywhere, if they got that accident they can just press the button and there is no way that we can miss it’



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