BellMe Wireless Calling System

B-99E Display Panel

Description: The BellMe Display Monitor (B – 99E) is a simple yet effective means to display notifications. They are used in many types of environments such as offices, supermarkets, construction sites, hospitals, restaurants, retirement homes, etc. The Display Monitor (receiver) displays numbers, from 000 to U99 and selected letters that include, A, b, C, d, … Read moreB-99E Display Panel

128-E Display Monitor for Restaurants

The Triad

Description: The B-128E is mainly but not limited to use in restaurants. It is suitable for use in a restaurant environment as it can display up to 3 calls at a time and has a rolling display feature of up to 30 calls. It indicates different service types through its indicator lights and has 7 … Read more128-E Display Monitor for Restaurants

B-900 Display Receiver for Hospitals & Retirement Homes

Description: The B-900 is one of BellMe’s most advanced display monitors as it can be used in any industry. It has a dot matrix Alpha-Numeric display and can be programmed via remote or PC. The B-900 mainly but not limited to use in hospitals as it has an alpha-numeric display which allows for room names … Read moreB-900 Display Receiver for Hospitals & Retirement Homes