BellMe Wireless Calling System

The Flash


The LED Light (B – 700) is a simple yet effective means to identify areas where assistance is needed. It works in conjunction with multiple receivers, such as display monitors, watch receivers, etc. They are used in many types of environments such as offices, supermarkets, construction sites, hospitals, restaurants, retirement homes, etc. The LED Light makes it easier to identify where the signal is coming from. When a call button is pressed the watch receiver or display monitor will notify the necessary person and the LED Light will indicate which area the signal is coming from. As the LED Light is placed near the call button, the area is easily identifiable.

Led light


  • It has 3 colours: Red, yellow and green which indicate different service areas. One colour can work with up to 30 transmitters. In total, one light can work with up to 90 transmitter.
  • Has a sound feature to make identification easier
  • Single Call displays a red light; 3 Key Call displays a green & red light for different service types.
  • Dimensions: 104 X 86 X 38mm

Industries that use the B-700 & comparison

  • Home use normally with 1-3 Call buttons. 
  • Used for emergency situations
  • Above doors in hospitals 
  • Most cost effective receiver. 
  • Siren can be disabled so light just flashes only. 
  • 2 different ringtones.