BellMe Wireless Calling System

Cancel Button


The BellMe Cancel Button is simple and easy to use. They are very versatile and can be used anywhere, including offices, supermarkets, construction sites, hospitals, restaurants, retirement homes, etc. Its waterproof feature even allows it to be used in bathrooms. Once the cancel button is pressed the signal that was sent when the call button was pressed is cancelled. This is usually pressed when the person in need of assistance is attended to. They can work with multiple types of receivers e.g. display screen receiver, wrist watch receiver etc. The cancel button is available in only one colour, i.e. Blue.


  • It is completely wireless
  • Single Function (Cancel)
  • It is waterproof.
  • It has a modern appearance.
  • Battery Powered (uses 12v A23 Battery)
  • A lanyard can be attached to it for people to wear around their necks
  • It can be mounted onto any flat surface
  • Transmission distance: up to 300m in open area
  • Size: 60 X 17mm