BellMe Wireless Calling System

Panic Button for the Elderly

If you have a loved one who needs to alert you in the case of an emergency you have 2 options: 

Remote/offsite Paging: Alert up to 3 people to assist not on the same property then visit our GPS panic button page. click here

Onsite Paging: Alert a caregiver which means you are on the correct page continue reading below!

If a loved one is being cared for at home, BellMe offers wireless communication solutions that are easy to use for both the patient and caretaker. In a home environment, calm communication is best while others are present in the residence. No more SHOUTING for Help.
How will I be notified?
Caretakers can wear wireless wrist watch receivers that ensure they are alerted even whilst on the move.
Where can the call button be placed?
A call button can be mounted above a patient’s bed, in bathrooms or even on a lanyard to be worn by the patient. The wrist watch receiver can be worn by anyone who is watching over the patient. After a patient or resident presses the call button the wrist watch receiver will display a notification of the patient requiring assistance in a specific location or simply in general.   home3 home2

BellMe Benefits

  • Low Maintenance (Replace batteries every 1 – 2 years depending on use)
  • Completely Wireless
  • Surface mounted (No wires or cables)
  • Easy to Use (the device will come pre-programmed)
  • Discreet and direct communication between patients and caretakers
  • Improves response time of caretakers

Uses of our BellMe Wireless Nurse Call Systems

USE 1 : Patient to Caretaker


USE 1 : Patient to Caretaker

When a patient or resident requires the assistance of a caretaker, they simply press the call button or pull the pull cord which can either be portable via a lanyard or fixed to the bed or in the bathroom. The caretaker is instantly notified on the wrist watch receiver while on the move within the residence.
  • Wireless Call Button, Wrist Watch Receiver
callbuttonsmall    B-650 wrist watch small website

Optional Extras

  • Pull Cords (Call & Cancel) in bathrooms
  • Wireless Signal Boosters to boost transmission signal
wireless paging systemsBooster
  • B-A1-WLCall Button

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  • B-700

    R 1,214.24
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  • B-650-Wrist Watch Receiver

    R 2,091.40
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  • Signal Repeater

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  • B-99P – Display Panel

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  • B-99E

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