Nurse Call System for Hospitals

Wireless, Direct Communication

BellMe’s Nurse Call System Will

  • Improve response time from Nurse to Patient and Doctor to Nurse.
  • Eliminate the wasting of time running around searching and waiting for assistance.
  • Be on the move stress-free, knowing you can be reached in emergencies.

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What people are saying and who we have supplied

"The product has been working for us well. The service is excellent. I mean – I had a problem and all I did was phone you guys. You helped me out with it and everything was sorted. No problems at all.”
Shone Bam
Asset Manager – False Bay Hospital
“BellMe never failed to deliver. The service I received was excellent and the product is of very high quality. Our residents now are in safer hands knowing that emergency assistance is available at the touch of a button.”
Sister Lesley Bossert
Villa Sunfield

Recommended Devices for the Nurse Call System for Hospitals​

wristwatch receiver

Wrist Watch Receiver​

Eliminate stress of a resident falling and not being able to call for help. This system only requires the resident to press a button and the caregiver gets notified directly and instantly that their assistance is required. The resident can wear the call buttons on a lanyard around their neck.

usb reciever

USB Reciever

Improve the response time between the nurse resident by implementing the software that monitor the time taken to respond to a call after a button is pressed. The software generates statistics and allows you to export information to an excel spreadsheet.


Signal Repeater

Roam the whole building stress-free, knowing you can be reached in emergencies. The Extensive Range Capability is made possible by introducing Signal Repeaters strategically placed to avoid signals bouncing off one another.

Have the buttons mounted where they are needed the most. This allows much more freedom for both you and your patients. Buttons can be mounted on any flat surface – including showers, bathrooms and toilets where accidents are more prone to happen.

You don’t have to deal with a whole group of workers coming to disrupt your workplace to install a new system. Installation can be done using as little as one person. This can be done within one day, without hundreds of wires getting in your way.

Add to your system and move it around without cancelling out any previous programming. We can assist you with upgrading and adding to your system remotely while you watch what we do on your side.

Call Nurses Directly, Wirelessly and Instantly with a Touch of a Button

User Friendly
Buttons are easy to press. Compact yet effective. Can also be worn on Lanyards.

This system is wireless and works on a frequency of 433.92 MHz with a range of 150 – 200 meters within line of sight.

The buttons are waterproof thus can be used in showers and bathrooms.

All products supplied are ICASA Approved.

How does it work?

The patient simply has to press the Call Button to alert the Nurse that their assistance is required. The nurse will receive the alert on the Wrist Watch Receiver, if they are wearing one, showing them, which bed number requires their assistance. The Display Monitor will also instantly ring display the room and bed number of the patient that has pressed the call button.
Devices Required: Call Button, Display Monitor(B-900), Wrist Watch Receiver

call button wristwatch receiver b900 display monitor

Nurse Call System

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