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Testimonial by Vicky Hefer:

“In the beginning of June 2016 I found BellMe on Google, I searched frantically all over the web for a South African based Tracker system for children that was easy for me to use and VERY reliable. Finally after reading all the listed web pages and comparing intently I found Ushir from BellMe, I called him and I was absolutely DESPERATE for his help. I have a 14 year old teenage son, we live a few short blocks from school, I work full time in another town and so does my husband, we can’t afford one of us to stay at home and take care of our children full time, we only arrive home at about 7 each night, my child has to walk home from school by himself. Teenagers at this age are unpredictable and I very quickly found out my son was wondering around the streets, visiting with friends without my knowledge, walking around in a very unsafe part of town, this is South Africa, there is no such thing as a “safe part of town”. I was worried sick about my son and teenagers being rebellious as is natural at that age was giving me the run around, I could never while at work figure out exactly where he was or what he was doing, there were times when he would only arrive at home at 7 at night not being able to explain to me where he was and I had no idea either, this left me very uneasy and almost unable to focus on my work. I am also a Bereaved parent to my Little 10 year old daughter who passed away in 2014, I can tell you from experience that when it comes to protecting your children NO PRICE is too much to pay to prevent a tragedy from befalling your child. Last year alone around 1 697 children under the age of 17 went missing in South Africa, children don’t always realise the danger they put themselves in, you might be able to trust your child’s judgement BUT you cannot trust the strangers out there, you don’t realise what people are capable of until a tragedy strikes you, right at your very heart and soul, your child. If my message is starting to make you uneasy, you should be, this is the reality we live in every day. I have participated first hand in a South African organization that help find missing children, never have I met and I deal with bereaved parents on a daily basis, a more heartbroken mother than that of a particular teenager when the then 13 year old girl went missing from Benoni. Her mother was devastated, we were devastated and searching for this child day and night, the child disappeared on her way home from school without a trace, no witnesses, no one knew where the girl was or what had happened her mother was at work. Finally after praying day and night the girl was found unharmed in Durban by a stranger that also participated in the search a month later. I also know Sheldean Human’s mother, she is part of our Bereaved Parents group, you cannot imagine the devastation. You cannot imagine the NEED for a service such as BellMe is offering.

Ushir and his team supported me from the beginning, I called all the listed companies on Google in South Africa and out of all of them BellMe was the most professional and spot on for exactly what I needed. Ushir supported me personally, he called me and he mailed me regularly, all the questions I had (and there were many) he answered patiently and in detail, by the time I paid for my unit there was no doubt left in my mind that I made the right choice. What I like most about the unit is that it looks like a simple key chain, it’s not a fancy watch or fancy cell phone, it is a simple looking and practical device to protect my son, I am not buying him a new toy, I am paying for a desperately needed peace of mind. The unit cannot be obviously switched off (HUGE BONUS SINCE ALL THE OTHERS ON THE MARKET CAN BE SWITCHED OFF EASILY) I can listen in, I can track my son to the point and see exactly where he is moving and how fast at all times, I can also phone him any time I like, the unit answers even if my son does not press the button. I can track easily from my laptop or cell phone any time anywhere. Even on my cell phone the service is very efficient. The functions and detail this unit allows are amazing, I am amazed and I am truly very very grateful to Ushir and his amazing team. Thank you so much BellMe, thank you for giving me peace of mind and for helping me protect my most important asset, my child.”
– Vicky Hefer


listen in capabilities

excellent battery life

real time GPS tracking


SOS alerts and 2-way communication


Geo fencing and speed alerts


NO monthly fees


Product features are:

  • Mini in size (61 x 44 x 16mm)
  • Smooth rubber feel
  • Device can be charged by docking station and micro USB
  • Fall detection for the elderly
  • Monitor your child’s location
  • Free internet and mobile application software
  • Multiple reporting structure:
    – Trip details
    – Driving time
    – Stop time
    – All alarms



Listen in feature (voice wiretapping):

Programmed functions can make a silent call to the tracker, the track answers the call automatically and allows the caller to hear what is happening around the tracker.
There is no voice indication that the call is in progress.


Excellent battery life:

Live tracking mode: In this mode, Both GSM and GPS are on all the time, Battery can last 18~24 hours.

Smart Power Saving Mode (default mode): In this mode, the gsm chip is working and receives calls, SMS and transmits location. The GPS chip is activated by motion, incoming calls
and SMS. The GPS chip is off when there is no movement or no phone usage. Battery life is not wasted when the device isn’t moving.
Under normal use, battery can last 3 ~ 7 days.

Deep sleeping mode: Battery can last 40 days if no movement at all.


Real time GPS Tracking:

Our free, web based tracking system incorporates the TCP/IP protocol and allows users to monitor it in real time over the internet or sends an e-mail to the predefined e-mail address.






SOS Alerts and 2-way communication:

Press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds until the device vibrates, and then green light will start to flash rapidly to confirm the request. After that, an SOS Alarm “Help me!” will be sent to all authorized phone numbers and to the platform. It will also the dial the 3 authorized numbers in sequence. If the tracker fails to connect to the first number, it will call the second one. In case the second number fails to be connected as well, the system will connect to the third number. if device fails to call all 3 numbers, it will start to dial the numbers again after 5 minutes. This will continue until one of the phones answer the call.

To end the call, press the SOS button.

To make a call, press and hold the side button for 3 seconds and you will hear a beep. The green light will flash rapidly to confirm the request, and then it will dial the second number. To end the call, press the SOS button.

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Geo-fencing and speed alerts 

Once a pre-defined perimeter is breached, the device sends an alarm to the authorized numbers notifying the recipients.

If a pre-defined speed is breached, the device sends an alarm to the authorized numbers notifying the recipients.

geofence   speed


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