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What is GLOBELL?

The Globell GPS Tracker is the Number 1 solution for a Panic Button for an elderly person.

This device has so many features that we just had to dedicate a whole page to it!

Not only is this Real-time Personal GPS Tracker aesthetically pleasing, fitting in the palm of your hand, but it also challenges the likes of industry- standard GPS devices that are usually located in vehicles or commercial environments.

BellMe’s Globell GPS Tracker has a fantastic battery like, is weather-proof, supports two-way communication and is user friendly for anyone from the elderly to small children and even pets!

You can be sure that you will be well informed of the exact location.


Top Features

Panic Button Alert

In case your loved one is in an emergency they can simply press the button for 3 seconds and it will immediately send 3 SMS’s followed by the device calling each number until someone answers. This will then initiate two-way communication so you can speak to your loved one via the device.

If the tracker fails to connect to the first number, it will call the second one. In case the second number fails to be connected as well, the system will connect to the third number. if device fails to call all 3 numbers, it will start to dial the numbers again after 5 minutes. This will continue until one of the phones answer the call.

Geo-Fence and Speed Alerts

  • Create your own customized Geo-Fence Zone
  • Unlimited Geo Fence Alert Zones
  • Be alerted via SMS or online platform upon entry and exit of zones
  • Be alerted via SMS if a pre-defined speed is breached

Real Time GPS Tracking

Our free, web based tracking system incorporates the TCP/IP protocol and allows users to monitor it in real time over the internet or sends an e-mail to the predefined e-mail address.

Listen In

  • Want to hear what’s going on? Simply dial into the device and you can listen in with crystal clear quality. Cell phone call rates apply*
  • There is no voice indication that the call is in progress

Online Platform

  • View 6 Months History
  • Playback history can be viewed online or via app.

Easy Charging

  • Device can be charged by Docking Station.
  • Alternative way of charging is via a Micro USB cable

Monthly COsts

  • Once-off payment for the device
  • No subscription required for online platform and mobile application
  • Users just need to load airtime onto the sim card
  • Airtime data usage on average is R5 – R10 per month excluding SMS and Call alerts

Extended Battery Life

  • Live tracking mode: In this mode both GSM and GPS are on all the time. Battery can last 18 – 24 hours
  • Smart Power Saving Mode (default mode): In this mode the GSM chip is working and receives calls, SMS’s and transmits location. The GPS chip is activated by motion, incoming calls and SMS. The GPS chip is off when there is no movement or no phone usage. Battery life is not wasted when the device is not moving. Under normal use battery can last 3 - 7 days.
  • Deep sleeping mode: Battery can last 40 days if no movement at all.


Unboxing and Review

Here we have a video of us unboxing and reviewing our GLOBELL GPS product. In this video we go through all the contents in the device box and how to quickly setup the device for first usage. We also briefly explain all the features that the device has to offer.

Walking Through Gateway

Here we tested Globell in a shopping mall environment and its accuracy. Our clients were concerned of the tracking in a shopping mall environment due to other purchases of watch type GPS products.


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