BellMe Wireless Calling System


Most frequent questions and answers

Anyone that needs to page someone for help even if it’s a cup of tea.

It doesn’t matter where you are we can send it to you ready to use and our support is world class. 

BellMe uses a Radio Frequency similar to your Electronic Gate Remote. Each call button has its own unique code allowing each Button to be identified easily. Its all Wireless so its really easy to use and modify.  BellMe is also 100% Waterproof. 

BellMe can trasmit up to 1km with the help of Repeaters (A device we sell that repeats the signal). Without repeaters it can travel up to 200m line of sight. 

On average we recommend you to replace them every 1 – 2 years in a nurse call environment. 

BellMe carries a 2 Year Warranty on all display units. We also boast a 5 Year Warranty on our call buttons.  We have a fetch and repair or replace warranty. We may even send you a demo unit to use in the meantime. This hardly ever happens to be rest assured. 

Yes, Please get in touch with us so we can put you in contact with the closest authorised Agent in your area. 

All BellMe Products are once off purchases. We do not sign you into rental contracts that only cost your more money when you could have just bought a system that will last you a lifetime.