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BellMe Sponsorship Give-Away, Hashtagweb Latest Marketing Trends,

Date & Time: Wednesday, 19 September 2018 @ 18:00h for 18:30h – 20:00h.

Venue: Spa Royale, 6 Palm Boulevard, Royal Palm Hotel

Dear Guest


We are excited to invite you to the BellMe Spring Sponsorship Give-Away!


In benefit of providing Non-Profit Retirement Homes with a much-needed Nurse Call System, we will be announcing which one of the homes have received a full sponsorship.

For more information about this initiative you can visit


What to expect:

– We have invited Hashtagweb who will be hosting a 15-minute free session on the latest marketing trends and how you can use them. Another 15 minutes will be available for any Questions which they will answer.

– You will have the opportunity to network with other business members who attend.

– Last but not least – We will also announce the winner of 3 Full Body Massages from the luxurious Spa Royale!


Finger snacks will be provided and entry is Free.

We will also have a Demo stand where you will be able to see how our Nurse Call System works.



Wednesday, 19 September 2018 @ 18:00h for 18:30h – 20:00h.



Spa Royale

6 Palm Boulevard

Royal Palm Hotel

Umhlanga Ridge


What is the aim of this initiative?

BellMe hopes to provide 10,000 Residents with a Nurse Call System by 25th December 2018. The Homes that are featured in this initiative are all Non-Profit Organizations who cannot afford to purchase this system but they are in dire need of it. Helping to sponsor a home with a Nurse Call System is often saving a life. When the frail and elderly need assistance they get it immediately, without having to raise their voices or strain themselves. Residents will be able to page for assistance in a quick, dignified and effective manner simply by pressing our wireless call button.

How is BellMe Contributing?

BellMe has contacted many Non-Profit Retirement Homes and determined their need for a Nurse Call System. We then created a platform in the form of a website to convey to the public which homes needs this system desperately and included the motivations from these homes. We are also making our system as affordable as possible by discounting our buttons by 20% for this initiative. We are also sponsoring a call button for every 4 buttons sponsored by the public. BellMe will carry the full costs of programming, configuration, courier and installation together with giving a 5-year warranty on the buttons and a 2-year warranty on the display panels.

Transparency & Sponsorships

To ensure complete transparency between BellMe and its sponsors, a spreadsheet comprising of the order numbers and their allocation are made public with your privacy in mind.

The public can also contact the NPO of their choice and sponsor to them directly or inform the NPO of their purchase and their order number.

We will regularly update sponsors via our website to show what has been purchased and which room it has been allocated to. You can view the progress of current sponsorships on our website.

How to Contribute

Donations may remain anonymous if you wish


Donation Box and Card Facilities are available throughout the night

You may also donate directly to the home of your choice – simply visit our website to request their banking details

BellMe Banking Details

Bank: First National Bank

Account Name: BellMe

Account Number: 62409586031

Branch Code: 250655

Ref: 1Life+Contact Number+Your Name 

Contact Details 

031 82 82 827 Durban

083 777 3788 

Physical Address

13 – 17 Kenneth Kaunda Road

Norhtway Center


Topics that will be covered by Ushir Shah:

Bcom Management

Business Tips from books read (where the actual learning takes place)

Tips & Tricks

  1. Free Digital Marketing Methods Tips & Tricks 
  2. Paid Digital Marketing Methods for all Budgets & which one is best for you.
  3. ROI not just likes

Marketing Methods


  • Maps
  • Ads
  • Organic listings
  • Blogging
  • Tips & Tricks


  • Groups 
  • Videos
  • Tips & Tricks


  • Video Creation Tips


  • Added features
  • Longer videos


Tools to use

Other Social Media Platforms

Latest Trends

Q & A

Venue: Spa Royale, 1st Floor, Royal Palm Hotel. click here to view exact location. 

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1) Front Entrance: 6 Palm Blvd

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Free Parking after 5pm. 

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2) Rear Entrance: 1 – 18 Arora Drive, 

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