BellMe Wireless Calling System

BellMe Nurse Call System for Queenshaven Retirement Vilage 604 Call Buttons!

***Queenshaven retirement village and home for the elderly***

Where is Queenshaven and what do they do?

Queenshaven is located in South Hills, Johannesburg which offers a registered primary health care facility. Their accommodation covers a range of living options to meet the different needs of different elderly people such as frail care and mid care.

In any elderly or retirement living facility, the ability to reach nursing staff promptly and with certainty is of the utmost importance hence our effective Wireless Paging System can make a world of a difference.

What did they purchase?

We supplied Queenshaven with 604 buttons, 2 watch receivers,4 Display Monitors,12 Signal Repeaters, 22 Pull Cords for Hospitals which were placed in the significant homes and Staff stations.

After a patient or elderly person presses the Nurse Call Button, both the Wrist Watch Receiver and the Display Monitor (located at the nurse station or worn by the nurses)  will display the area and room number of the patient requiring assistance.

Let BellMe help you save time and lives.

Serene Park Retirement Centre Reviews BellMe


BellMe is a completely wireless system & no installation is needed. Residents are now safer than ever with immediate assistance just a touch away.
How has the system helped you guys here at Serene park?
“ The system is very very very helpful because when it rings you can see the letters very well, they are big and clear and the sound is very very clear. Even if you are far, you can hear it and it rings until you come and stop it and then you can go to the resident and help them.”

Have you had any problems with the system?
“There are no problems at all because there is no way that you can miss it. There is no way you can miss it and we advised the resident to check the batteries now and then so that they must not sit with a panic button with a battery that is not working.”

So BellMe really helped you guys here at Serene park?
“It helps us a lot, it helps us a lot. We advise them to wear it around their neck so that anywhere they fall, in the bathroom or anywhere, if they got that accident they can just press the button and there is no way that we can miss it’
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Petro Fourie, Kenwyn Retirement Home

“Ushir was great assisting us with the programming of the buttons All my residents are now wearing their buttons around their necks…(like a medallion…lol)! Some even thought it a good idea to do a few “test runs”, before handing the buttons out we had a few tested from different rooms and they all came through without any problems. We are very happy with the system so far and would like to thank all involved for the speedy and efficient way things were dealt with.” -Petro Fourie, Kenwyn Retirement Home