BellMe Wireless Calling System

Nurse Call Systems in South Africa

Nurse call systems have revolutionized communication in the health care industry, the world over. With the advent of wireless nurse call systems in South Africa, communication has spiked even more. By not being limited with wires, nurse call systems in South Africa have entered a new age. With wiring no longer posing an obstruction, being connected can … Read moreNurse Call Systems in South Africa

Panic Button System

Having a reliable panic button system in place at home, will undoubtedly give a peace of mind to caregivers. It is basically a little device to carry around, which emits a signal to a synced nearby device, as a request for assistance. This type of system will be ideal for the elderly or people in … Read morePanic Button System

Wireless Nurse Call System Manufacturers

Wireless nurse call systems have revolutionized communication. Long being available only in the hospital setting, its uses have become abundantly apparent in other industries as well. If you are looking for wireless nurse call systems, so that you can get aboard this trend, consider BellMe. We have sole distributorship from one of the leading wireless … Read moreWireless Nurse Call System Manufacturers

The Benefit of Nurse Call Systems

Wireless paging systems have made communication so much easier in a variety of industries but most especially in the hospital setting. In a place where mere seconds could mean the difference between life and death, having a reliable communications system in place is invaluable. The use of nurse call systems extends beyond the hospital environment … Read moreThe Benefit of Nurse Call Systems

Wireless Waiter Calling System

Everyone enjoys a fine dining experience at their favourite restaurant. The relaxed environment, the promise of a good meal, and having the attention of a waitron is always welcoming after a hard day at work. We would like to spend our money, knowing that we are going to get a divine meal, as well as … Read moreWireless Waiter Calling System

Wireless Call System

No matter the industry you’re in, communication between you and your customers is always important. You have to impress to the customer that they are your first priority. Communication can be made easy with wireless call systems. In this article, the following will be covered: What are wireless call systems? In which industries can wireless … Read moreWireless Call System

Paging Systems

Communication is vital in every industry. While communication via telephone and email is very useful, various industries are always striving for better communication with their clients. Customers too are delighted when new ways of communication with their favourite restaurants, supermarkets or any other industries come about. That’s why we are introducing paging systems for various … Read morePaging Systems

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Introduction When going in to hospital, every patient wants to feel secure in the knowledge that they will be well taken care of. Family members too want peace of mind, and want to know that their loved ones are in good hands. There have always been complaints at hospitals of patients not receiving proper treatment, … Read moreWireless Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Light Systems

Introduction Having a member of your family fall ill and being taken care of by a care giver or nurse can be worrying for you. You want to ensure that your loved one is in safe hands, and will be well taken care of. At BellMe, we supply wireless Nurse Call light systems. Similar to … Read moreNurse Call Light Systems