BellMe Wireless Calling System


Hotels & Resorts

From guest to reception or reception to staff. Better communication in the Hospitality industry is a must. Saving time during busy periods trying to locate individuals can save you money. Read more

Beauty Spa’s

When the client has undressed they can simply press the call button informing the therapist they are ready for their treatment. Most therapists give the client too much time. Lost time is lost revenue. Read more

Slot Machines

You want your client fixed to their slot machine. Having them get up from their seat to grab your attention for drinks or a cashout is lost revenue. read more


Customers standing at the till point waiting for management to attend to an issue can be a nuisance for your clientele. A more efficient supermarket will keep your customers smiling. Read more


BellMe Can increase the customer experience & therefore the restaurants turnover. Food will also be delivered on time every time. No more waving & shouting. Try BellMe for your restaurant. Read more