Black 3 Key Button for Restaurants


The BellMe Three Key Button is simple and easy to use. It has three buttons on it which are Call, Bill, and Cancel. They are widely used in Restaurants, Coffee shops, Take-aways, and anywhere else where people need to be served. This button can be placed on the tables, or can be mounted onto a nearby wall which is convenient for the customer to press. Once the user presses the button, it sends a signal to the receiver which is worn by the waiter. The waiter will then know that the customer needs assistance or their bill depending on which button the customer presses. The customer can also cancel the call to the waiter by pressing the cancel button. They can work with multiple types of receivers e.g. display screen receiver, wrist watch receiver etc. The button is only available in black and red.

Features Include:

  • It is completely wireless
  • Available in red and black only.
  • Three Functions (Call, Bill, Cancel)
  • It is waterproof.
  • It has a modern appearance.
  • Battery Powered (uses CR-2023 Battery)
  • It can be mounted onto any flat surface
  • Transmission distance: up to 300m in open area
  • Size: 70 X 17mm

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