BellMe Wireless Calling System

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Supermarkets are agreeably the one place where a lack of customer service and communication can lead to loss of business and income. With BellMe Wireless Supermarket Paging Systems, you can keep in touch with customers and management, and help to provide instant service when needed.

The BellMe Wireless Supermarket Paging System can be used for queue management at till points, tills to call management and even customers to call staff when they have difficulty finding an item in the store. After a call button is pressed, the wrist watch receiver or display monitor will display the till number or aisle number.

BellMe Benefits

2-Year Warranty on LED Light, Wristwatch and Display Monitors

5-Year Warranty on Call and Cancel Buttons

Cost effective

Easy to use

Low maintenance


Improves customer service

Faster and easier queue management

Improves work efficiency

client assistance

Improves staff communication

Uses for BellMe Wireless Paging System

1. Queue Management system

When a till is now open for the next customer, the teller presses the call button and customers are instantly notified on the display monitor with the till number.

Display Monitor​

Wireless Three Key Waiter Call Button

2. Till Point to Management

When a teller needs assistance from management, they simply press the call button and management is instantly notified on the wrist watch receiver that the teller needs assistance.

Wireless Call Button

Wrist Watch Receiver

3. Aisles to Staff

When a customer needs assistance from staff when looking for a particular item or a price, they simply press the call button in the aisle and staff is instantly notified on the wrist watch receiver.

Wrist Watch Receiver

Wireless Call Button

Optional Extras

USB Computer Receiver to monitor staff response time

Signal Booster to increase range

LED Lights above till point

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