BellMe Wireless Calling System

Customer service is extremely important in the hospitality industry. BellMe’s Wireless Communication Solutions has been proven to increase turnover, maximize productivity, and improve customer service. BellMe’s products are wireless, easy to install, and improves communication between management, staff and customers.  It allows your customers to receive service when desired, making their visit or stay an absolute pleasure.

The BellMe Wireless Restaurant Paging System consists of call button transmitters, wrist watch receivers and display monitors. The call button can be fixed to patron’s tables or in the kitchen, and can be used to notify the waiter that a patron needs service, or to let the waiter know the food is ready in the kitchen. The display monitors can be mounted on the wall for waitrons to see as an alternative or an addition to the wrist watch receivers. The wrist watch receiver can be worn by waiters and management and are ideal as a discreet and direct notification. After the patron presses the waiter call button, both the wrist watch receiver and the display monitor will display the table number of the patron needing assistance or the bill.

BellMe Benefits 

  • Easy to operate
  • Minimizes waving or shouting for a waiter
  • Patrons don’t feel ignored
  • Leads to a quiet and comfortable dining environment
  • Waiters receive calling notification promptly
  • Fast contact between kitchen and waiters
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Improves service quality

Uses of our BellMe Wireless Paging System  

USE 1 : Patron to Waitron

USE 2 : Kitchen to Waitron

Use 1 : Patron to Waitron

When a patron requires attention or the bill, they simply press waiter call button (Call or Bill). The waiter is instantly notified on a wrist watch receiver or display monitor with the table number and service type.

  • Wireless Three Key Waiter Call Button, Wrist Watch Receiver, Display Monitor

3keybuttonwebsite   B-650 wrist watch small website B_128E_433_reciever small website

USE 2 : Kitchen to Waitron

When food is ready to be collected in the kitchen, the kitchen simply presses the call button. The waiter receives a notification on the wrist watch receiver, responding instantly, ensuring patrons receive their meals timeously.

Option 1 (To be used with Use 1 – Option 2)

  • Wireless Call Button, Wrist Watch Receiver

callbuttonsmall   B-650 wrist watch small website

Option 2 (Kitchen to Waitron)

  • The Guest Paging System is used when there is one call point and multiple receivers. The keypad is placed in the kitchen and enables kitchen staff to dial the unique 4 digit number of the waitron. The waitron will receive the notification on the Guest Pager.
  • Guest Paging Keypad, Guest Pager, Guest Paging Charger

wireless waiter calling systems wireless waiter calling systems wireless-paging

Optional Extras

  • USB Computer Receiver to monitor staff response time
  • Wireless Signal Boosters to boost transmission signal

Wireless Call System  Booster