B-99E Display Panel


The BellMe Display Monitor (B – 99E) is a simple yet effective means to display notifications. They are used in many types of environments such as offices, supermarkets, construction sites, hospitals, restaurants, retirement homes, etc. The Display Monitor (receiver) displays numbers, from 000 to U99 and selected letters that include, A, b, C, d, E, F, H, L, P, and U. Once the call button is pressed it sends a signal to the display receiver, the receiver will then flash briefly and beep to indicate that a call has been received.

Features Include:

    • It can work with up to 256 transmitters
    • 3 Digit Display – It shows 3 digit numbers from 000 to U99 (the first digit has 10 selected letters available).
    • Can distinguish different zones of call number
    • Rolling Display – It can roll through the last 10 calls until the call is cancelled.
    • Different Ringtones – Various ring tones to choose from
    • Adjustable Volume
    • It can be mounted onto any flat surface
    • Dimensions: 290 X 158 X 40mm


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