B-900 Display Receiver for Hospitals & Retirement Homes


The B-900 is one of BellMe’s most advanced display monitors as it can be used in any industry. It has a dot matrix Alpha-Numeric display and can be programmed via remote or PC. The B-900 mainly but not limited to use in hospitals as it has an alpha-numeric display which allows for room names and numbers to be displayed. It has built in monitoring software and can be used in conjunction with a PC to monitor calls and staff response times.


  • Dot Matrix Alpha-Numeric Display ( Displays numbers and Letters)
  • Built in monitoring software (Connect to PC via WLAN cable)
  • 7 Ringtones
  • Displays up to 4 calls at a time
  • Backup feature (Backs up all buttons and layouts)
  • Can be operated by remote control or PC.
  • Can display personalized messages via the rolling display

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