BellMe Wireless Calling System

About uS

Why We Do What We Do?

BellMe came to exist in the search for a solution to simplify communication in various industries to increase the reaction time in emergencies and improving customer service.

BellMe provides unique and revolutionary Wireless Communication Solutions that are fast becoming the answer to many hospitals, frail care centres, corporate companies and restaurants in South Africa.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to expand throughout South Africa, and then Africa to become one of the largest wireless communications suppliers. We intend on doing this by offering our clients the best value in terms of service and product – helping industries to communicate faster and more effectively, therefore increasing service levels and being efficient in the workplace.

Our Highlights

Our History

BellMe was founded in 2012 by Ushir Shah, after searching for a solution to simplify communications in various industries, thereby breaching that vital communications gap both internally and externally with their clients.


 BellMe Supplied his first retirement home Villa Sunfield with a Nurse Call System, to this date they are still using it and have not changed batteries on some of their call buttons. 


BellMe Supplied Queenshaven Retirement Home, one of the largest homes to ever be done by BellMe with over 600 call buttons in total and 2 Nurse Call Stations and 12 Repeaters. BellMe Also Supplied one of the first Akeso Branches in Randburg Gauteng that year. 


BellMe moved to our Umhlanga Offices and Set up our first agents in Capetown.


BellMe Supplied the Clicks Group which has over 184 stores with a nurse calling system, and a few Akeso clinics. 


BellMe relocated from Umhlanga to Durban North for Larger offices. Our team grew so our office size needed to accommodate their eating habits. 


 BellMe added 4 More Agents to our Team to help the elderly get the attention they require. 


Popular names such as:

  • Pick n Pay
  • Spar
  • 184 Clicks stores
  • Black Rock Casino
  • Akeso Psychiatric Hospitals
  • President of Mozambique’s house
  • Mediclinic and many more.

Our Experience

We have, to date supplied well over 250 satisfied clients both within South Africa and bordering countries with wireless paging systems. These clients range from Hospitals and Retirement homes to the Hospitality industry and corporate companies, to the end users at home that need a simple communication system.


Why go Wireless with BellMe?

Soft Press

BellMe Call buttons are super easy to press than other panic buttons. It even has a slight indentation to prevent pressing the panic button by mistake.

2 Year Battery Life

Each Call button takes an A23 battery popular in Electronic Gate Remotes. They can last several years. Some Clients Reporting up to 6 Years without changing their Battery (Villa Sunfield).

100% Waterproof

Be safe even in the shower, BellMe is 100% Waterproof. Our call buttons can be mounted in the shower and toilet or worn on a lanyard around your neck.

Response Tracking

We have a system that integrates with your computer to manage your call information, provides a floor plan and allocate staff members to call points.

1-5 Year Warranty

BellMe products has a 2 - year Fetch and Repair or Replace Warrantee on its Display Screens. We have a 5 year warranty on our Call Buttons. We will even give you a replacement unit until we resolve your technical issue.

1 KM Coverage

BellMe can cover up to 1km with Repeaters installed on your premies. Without repeaters BellMe can transmit up to 200M line of site.

Zero Contracts

All BellMe Products are once off purchases. We do not sign you into rental contracts that only cost your more money when you could have just bought a system that will last you a lifetime. 

Plug & Play

Self Installation is a breeze. Simply mount our call buttons onto a flat surface and you are good to go. BellMe can also set it the calling information for you or you can programme each call button easily.

Highly Durable

Our call buttons have stood the test of time, We have thats why we have increased the warranty to 5 Years. Our Display Units 2 year. Our System can last you an entire lifetime or more. Thats the power of wireless technology.

Free Support

We offer support and are willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

Easy To Use

Our systems are extremely easy to programme and operate.

Cost Effective

Our systems are more cost effective than typical wired systems.