BellMe Wireless Calling System

What is the 1Button for 1Life Initiative?

BellMe hopes to supply 10,000 Residents (around 200 Retirement homes) with a Nurse Call System by 25th December 2018. The Homes that are featured in this initiative are all Non-Profit Organizations who cannot afford to purchase this system but they are in dire need of it. Helping to sponsor a home with a Nurse Call System is often saving a life. When the frail and elderly need assistance they get it immediately, without having to raise their voices or strain themselves. Residents will be able to page for assistance in a quick and effective manner simply by pressing our wireless call button. 

 With the support of the public and corporations this goal could be a reality. BellMe alone does not have the funds capable of achieving such a goal but we can be the instrument through which this is done by making it easy for one person to contribute towards a resident from as little as R299 including Vat.