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About Us

 If you need to page for assistance in any form. We have an easy wireless solution for you. BellMe continues to strive to have a consultant visit you no matter where you are in South Africa. 

Industries we Supply

Retirement Homes

For small, medium & large retirements homes we have many options and can tailor them to your requirements.
Residents can alert for assistance either on the move by their bedside or in the shower.


Nurses response time is tracked to ensure faster response times. Never have the issue of damaged wires with our wireless technology reaching all areas of your hospital.


Get your waiters attention from either the kitchen or the patron. Patrons do not need to wave for attention and your food is always hot and on time.

Home Use

For the Elderly, disabled or someone who just needs to alert for assistance to a helper or loved one on the premises.


Alert management you require assistance or alert the client which till point is now available.

Toilet Panic System

Give your clients a sense of security and safety when they visit your facility by having Toilet Panic Buttons installed in your bathrooms.

Key Features

Why Is BellMe the best Wireless solution for you

Easy To Press

Each Call Button can be triggered with a very slight press, It also is indented into the button to prevent accidental press.

Long lasting Battery Life

Each Call button takes an A23 battery popular in Electronic Gate Remotes. They can last several years.


Be safe even in the shower, BellMe is 100% Waterproof. This call button can be mounted in the shower and toilet or worn on a lanyard around your neck.

call button

Our Clients

Some of the Retirement Homes that enjoy BellMe


Some of our FAQ's

BellMe uses a Radio Frequency similar to your Electronic Gate Remote. Each call button has its own unique code allowing each Button to be identified easily. Its all Wireless so its really easy to use and modify.  BellMe is also 100% Waterproof. 

Anyone that needs to page someone for help even if it’s a cup of tea.

It doesn’t matter where you are we can send it to you ready to use and our support is world class. 

Yes, Please get in touch with us so we can put you in contact with the closest authorised Agent in your area. 

All BellMe Products are once off purchases. We do not sign you into rental contracts that only cost your more money when you could have just bought a system that will last you a lifetime. 

Our Team

In 2012 we had a 1 staff

in 2018 we have a team of 9

in 2019 it will be a story to tell

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