Saving Time

Saving Lives

BellMe For Hospitals

You will never feel alone again

BellMe for Retirement Homes

Peace and Tranquility

But service when you need it

BellMe for Spa's

Room service

At the touch of a button

BellMe for Hotels

Assistance from a Supervisor

In a Call Centre

BellMe for Corporates

Never shout for a waiter again

BellMe for Restaurants

Allow BellMe¬†Wireless Paging System to increase your customer service, turnover and customer satisfaction. Wireless Data Transmitters are placed in areas with easy access for customers. Staff carry a Wireless Receiver on their wrists. By the simple press of a button, the staff is immediately alerted by the customer’s need and ready to attend with no time delay. Wireless Data Transmitters are also placed at receptions, kitchens, cash desks or info desks, alerting staff when orders are ready. This in turn improves staff’s response time and customer satisfaction, probably the two most crucial success factors in the guest-related industry.

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Hospitals, Retirement Homes & Home Care

The BellMe Wireless Hospitals, Retirement Homes & Home Care Paging System consists of Call Button Transmitters and various receivers including, Wrist Watch Receivers and Display Monitors.
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The BellMe Wireless Corporate Paging System can be used for Hospitality or Offices. Reception staff can easily press the Call Button to contact kitchen or other staff (wearing the Wrist Pager) when services are required.
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The BellMe Wireless Restaurants Paging System can be used for patrons to call waiters as well as kitchen staff to call waiters when food is ready.
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The BellMe Wireless Supermarket Paging System can be used for till points showing next customer and for tills to call management.
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The BellMe Wireless Spa Paging System can be used for paging clients or staff in a Spa.
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The BellMe Wireless Hotel Paging System can be used for contacting cleaning staff, maintenance or nursing staff within a Hotel.