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Wireless Communication Solutions

With the ever increasing demand for excellent service and improved technology, the solution of an effective and reliable communication system is essential in any industry.

Allow BellMe Wireless Communication Solutions To

  • Increase your response time
  • Turnover and customer satisfaction.

Our systems consist of

  • Call button transmitters
  • Wide range of receivers and
  • Accessories to make up the perfect system for your needs.

BellMe Wireless Communication Solutions

  • Allow for effective and reliable communication between staff,guests, customers and management
  • Ensuring your establishment runs efficiently
  • Boosting response time and even turnover which are the two most crucial success factors in any business

BellMe Wireless Communication Solutions
Can be applied to diverse industries.

Let us help you find the best solution for your business.

Hospitals & Retirement Homes
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Hospitals & Retirement Homes

The BellMe Wireless Hospital and Retirement Home Paging System consists of call button transmitters and various receivers for different applications, such as calling nurses, doctors, cleaning staff and queue management systems.
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The BellMe Wireless Corporate Paging System can be used for call centres, boardrooms or offices. Staff members and reception staff can easily press the call button to contact other staff members when services are required or when there is an emergency.
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The BellMe Wireless Restaurants Paging System can be used for patrons to call waiters when a service is needed, and kitchen staff to call waiters when a patron's meal is ready to be collected.
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The BellMe Wireless Supermarket Paging System can be used to manage the queues at the tills, for cashiers to call management when assistance is needed, as well as customers to request for assistance of staff within the supermarket aisles.
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The BellMe Wireless Spa Paging System can be used for reception staff to call therapists as well as clients to discreetly inform therapists when they are ready for their treatment.
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The BellMe Wireless Hotel Paging System can be used for guests to contact reception or staff, as well as boardrooms and reception to contact cleaning staff, maintenance or management.


We wish to say thank you to all our clients who have taken time to send us testimonials.

  • Ushir (director) was great assisting us with the programming of the buttons All my residents are now wearing their buttons around their necks...(like a! Some even thought it a good idea to do a few “test runs”, before handing the buttons out we had a few tested from different rooms and they all came through without any problems. We are very happy with the system so far and would like to thank all involved for the speedy and efficient way things were dealt with.
    Perto Fourie, Kenwyn Retirement Home (PMB)
  • " BellMe never failed to deliver. The service I received was excellent and the product is of very high quality. Our residents now are in safer hands knowing that emergency assistance is available at the touch of a button."
    Sister Lesley Bossert, Villa Sunfield
  • " The BellMe system is relatively new in Durban and thus customers are intrigued and excited about using it. It's very good system and the service from BellMe has been exceptional."
    Angelique, Manager - Balaire Suites Restaurant